Slam-Bang is a self-financed film that was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 22 Jan to 13th Feb 2008. It's an off-beat thriller that is influenced by the work of Peckinpah, Miike and Rodriguez.

Writer/director Mark Lebenon and co-producer Andrew Gibb set out to make a quality low budget film with international appeal. With the help of friends and colleagues within the film industry, they managed to assemble a talented team of people which included producer Pia van Rensberg, cinematographer David Pienaar and a cast of actors including Roland Gaspar, Malcolm Ferreira, Jackie Rens, Shaun Myberg and Nicole Smart. It's a very different movie from what South African audiences are used to. What starts out as a bad day soon becomes a dark and macabre tale as an IT guy finds himself surrounded by violence and mayhem when he's forced to steal information off a computer.

Slam-Bang was shot on the Panasonic HPX500 in full HD using the DVCPro HD codec (100Mbs) at 1080/25p onto P2 cards. The post was done using Final Cut Pro, "digitising" from the on set hard disk drives containing the P2 card backups.

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